Lakai Mwen Project

Human and social health benefits, environmental improvements,
economic advantages, enhanced food access, and rooftop farming
enables and empowers single mothers to make their communities
healthier and more self sustaining.

With the re-use of shipping containers, sustainable living quarters
are designed for homeless single mothers in Arcahaie, Haiti.

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What is the Lakai Mwen project.

A social practice design project that nurtures collaborative engagement and
trans-disciplinary exploration with local sustainable ventures, focusing on social
change, community art and social innovation.

The kitchen, latrines and shower will be located outside the shipping containers.
The Rocket Stoves, made with clay and organic material and can cook meals with
Green Charcoal briquettes, replacing the need to use small sticks.

The roofs of the containers will be separated in two halves.  One half will be
designed as a rain catching roof with a rain harvesting jar to collect the rain water.
The other half of the roof would be used for farming so the resident will be able
to grow vegetables.

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Roof Farming

Single mothers will be able to cultivate cereals such as corn and rice and dozens of other food crops such as red and black beans, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, etc.

Composting Latrines

Educating the women on the importance of sanitationas well producing valuable fertilizer for the roof farming.

Rain Catching Roof

The filtered rain water will be used for the showers and for drinking water. One jar can supply up to 300 gallons of filtered rainwater collected from a clean roof and gutter.

Rocket Stove

The Rocket Stoves are made with clay and organic material that is inexpensive and can cook meals with small sticks, eliminating the need for charcoal.

Green Charcoal

Green charcoal briquettes will replace the need to use small sticks. Over 93% of Haitians rely on charcoal and wood as a primary energy source, yet less than 2% of local forests remain.

Shipping Container

Shipping containers will be able to endure hard weather conditions of tropical storms during hurricane season in Haiti. When insulated, the solar heat will be kept out during the day time and the container will be cool at night.


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Composting Latrines

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Haiti Port Authority

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